We would like to dedicate this site to our wonderful children,
Alex,Tyler, Tate, Abby, Natalie, Joshua, And Jacob. You are the
reason we do what we do. Thank you for your understanding
and Love as we chase our dream.
I would like to Thank my wife, Marlene. You make the sun shine for me. Without
you none of this would be possible for me anymore. You are my best friend, on
top of being my wife. I love you.
I would like to Thank my father, Jimmy Hopkins Sr. Thank you for the abilities that
you passed on to me. Thank you for the trailer, chop saw, aircompressor,grinder,and
countless other tools that helped get us where we are today. You are my hero,
always have been, always will be.
I would like to Thank Becky Wallace for my wife. If Becky was not trying to make
it in this business, I would not be doing this site with my wonderful wife and
I would like to Thank Judy Hopkins. Your support has always been greatly
appreciated. Your tireless efforts to promote our things at every turn is invaluable
We would like to thank John Hopkins for all the shows you covered for us. We
appreciate you and all your help.
We would like to thank Donny Key and his Andy for all the parts to build with over
the years.
We would like to thank Matt Garvin,Gary Almond, Charlie Decker, and all the guys
at Shumate Mechanical for all the tanks. You make every pig possible !!!
We would like to thank Paul and Marsha Little. You are great friends and we
appreciate all of the stuff you scavenge for us.
We would like to thank Mr.Dalton with Dalton automotive. We appreciate every
part you replace....
We would like to thank Eric Campbell. Thanks to you and your efforts we are
able to build many new things after every delivery trip... if we could just find
time to go fishing ......
We would like to thank Randy Bott, For your help with horseshoes, tanks, and all
the wonderful support. Most of all for all of the spiritual support. You are a true
We would like to thank our main man Al. Without you we would not be able to
weld or cut anything.... Thanks for all the Gas.
Thank you to all our Customers who enjoy
our Creations. You are our inspiration.....
Tribute & DedicationPage
We would like to give thanks to our Lord and Savior,
Jesus Christ, through whom all things are possible.
I would like to thank Allen Money. He was my shop teacher and mentor in High
School and taught me to love building and creating. His investment in my life kept
me out of trouble.